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Material Handling

Scrap Trading International is your source for all your scrap metal needs. If you have scrap metal, we have the equipent and knowledge to recycle it.


Below is a list of products that Scrap Trading International is buying.

Scrap Trading International works with a broad variety of metals and materials. Following is a partial list of metals we work with frequently.


Ferrous MaterialsNon-Ferrous Materials

Scrap Steel-Plate

Scrap Stainless Steel (Solids or Shavings)

Scrap Steel Forgings

All Scrap Nickel Alloys

Scrap Carbon Steel

Scrap Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy

Scrap Steel (Low Residual)

Scrap Copper

Scrap Steel Turnings, Grindings

Scrap Brass

 Scrap Cast Iron

Scrap Bronze

 Scrap Stampings

Scrap Aluminum

 Scrap Shavings




matirials side

Material Handling

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